Fantasy is my métier, I consider myself a femme fatale who has a real love of life and opportunity; a true city girl, with a country heart, who loves wearing: designer dresses, heels, and lingerie.  The classic fashions of the 1930’s is how I can best describe my personal sense of style. I enjoy: fine wines, intelligent conversation, and the company of a true gentlemen.  I am Canadian, with a European twist; my exotic features include: long platinum blonde hair, exceptionally unique blue/green eyes, long legs, soft skin, and aesthetically perfect breasts.A business woman by trade, I had a routinely vanilla lifestyle; to escape from my mundane existence, I lived vicariously through romance novels and films.  Fantasy ruled my world, I habitually day dreamt of leading a double life emulating the escapades of the heroines written about on the pages of books and starring on movie screens.  As my imagination ran wild, over whelming thoughts of quenching my thirst grew, and through destiny, I fell into The Wonderful World Of Adult Entertainment. During the course of this new venture, I have developed and perfected my version of an erotic art form that I am excited to share with you. To describe what I do and why, I must first explain why I’ve decided to embark on this journey.  As the internet flourished, I observed a significant dis connect with human contact; screens replaced tangible connections and the art of erotism sadly became a lost language. Being that I am a: creative, emotional, intuitive, and passionate woman; I felt it important to share the delicacy of adult entertainment with the gentlemen who need and crave it in the midst of our increasingly busy lives.Through tangibly experiencing an erotic form, we are able to release suppressed emotions, providing propitious: emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. The oxytocin released during my sessions, emancipate “feel good” endorphins and hormones that are scientifically proven to: lower stress levels, block pain receptors, and strengthen the immune system; providing an escape from everyday hardships and worries whether it be at work or home.  It’s an experience you do not want to miss!

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