For Booking:

Please share with me a little bit about yourself: name, age, an outline of desired session, and anything else you care to divulge. As well as: day, time, and length of session desired.  I am exclusive, and prefer to see a mature demographic, so please leave a detailed note introducing yourself (only the clients I feel are best suited to myself and my services will be responded to.)  A contact number will also be required for booking, if this can not be provided, I will require references of 2 reputable providers will be needed.  This is simply just a pre caution to ensure my safety.

Location:  Kelowna BC, Lower Mission, close to Gyro Beach.   Discreet, private, up-scale residence.  To ensure discretion and privacy for my clients, I do not disclose the exact location until an appointment has been confirmed.  Thank you for your discernment.

Please note: starting October 1st, masks will be required for all bookings.  Thank you for understanding.


Monday’s:  11:30 am – last appointment: 3:30 pm.

Tuesday’s: 11:30 am – last appointment: 3:30 pm.

Wednesday’s: 11:30 am – last appointment: 3:30 pm.

Thursday’s: 11:30 am – last appointment: 3:30 pm.

Friday’s: 11:30 am – last appointment: 3:30 pm.

For Booking: please email: