Take It To The Edge!

The term “edging” refers to bringing someone to the point of climax; then postponing the orgasm by stopping, slowing down, or changing patterns of sexual stimulation through pulling back and focusing on deep breathing methods. These steps are repeated multiple times until the final fruition and is an intense experience that can expand your sexual experiences and intimacy. Often in our personal lives, we can become distracted or avoid paying close attention to our own bodies responses because we are so consumed by our partners wants and needs.  For others, it can come from a place of not being able to immerse ourselves in the present or allow vulnerability.  Or perhaps you ejaculate prematurely and are wanting to learn some techniques on how to prolong your climax. One of the most wonderful things about edging, is that it requires you to tune into your body and pay close attention to your sexual response.  By using different touch techniques, my hands are in full control of your sexual stimulation, thus allowing for you to focus on what’s happening to your body in the present and not the pressure of the “big finale.”  To edge, is to take your prolongment of enjoyment to new heights, and a session you wont soon forget!

Happy Edging!

45 minutes- 180 / 60 minutes– 200 / 90 minutes– 300

Second Release – 60

Prostate Massage – 20

Please Note* Hands Only! And if you would like a combination of my Signature & Edging session the tribute is the same as above.