Do You Offer Half Hour Appointments?

This answer is a simple one, I Do Not offer a rushed service, therefore 30 minutes are just not in my forecast. I take great pride in providing a full Body, “RMT worthy” massage, prior to my “Signature Touch” finale; a 30 minute appointment will just not suffice.

How Did You Come Up With The Donation For Your Signature Sessions?

After careful thought and consideration and doing my research, I decided to base my pricing upon my service. Any reputable massage therapist charges a minimum of $100 per hour, the $50 cherry on top is your icing on the cake.

Do You Keep Your Signature Sessions Seperate From Your Fetish Sessions?

Great Question! I go to great lengths to keep them separate, unless asked to incorporate both. Body Rubs were my introduction into The Wonderful World Of Adult Entertainment and one I look back on with the fondest of memories. I stay true to a traditional style Body Rub during my Signature Sessions.

What Is Your Schedule?

I am travelling and pursuing other endeavours, in my personal and professional life, making me available only on weekdays (when I’m in Kelowna) between 11 am to 4 pm and some Saturday afternoon’s with 24 hour notice; my apologies if this does not suit your schedule!

How Do I Book An Appointment With You?

For your first introduction, please email me a little bit about yourself, including: name, age, and general occupation, and anything else you care to share. This allows me the pleasure of getting to know you! I believe in true transparency, please be honest with who you are and fully read my site before reaching out, to ensure you are the right fit to myself and my services; this aids in alleviating any disappointment. A contact number will also be needed to book the appointment, this is simply a cautionary procedure to ensure my safety; I would also like to be able to hear your voice and for you to hear mine prior to meeting. The number shared will not be called or text until we have co ordinated a good time to chat. If a contact number can not be provided, a reference of 2 reputable providers will be needed to continue with booking.

How Much Notice Do You Recommend For Booking?

I try my best to accommodate last minute requests, but I recommend 24 hour notice to avoid disappointment.

What If I Want To Pre Book More Than 24 Hours In Advance?

I appreciate that you want to be proactive, but far too often, clients have pre booked days or weeks in advance only to cancel last minute; and thus, I will now require a $100 deposit when booking more than 24 hours in advance, sorry guys!

Payment Options?

For discretionary purposes, cash only please!

Do You Provide Out-Calls?

I will travel to 4/5 Star hotels in the Kelowna area for a $50 fee; no private residences! For out-calls, i’ll need: First Name, Last Name, Hotel Name & Room number, as well as a contact number. My safety is of the up-most importance to me, this info is simply to ensure it; thank you in advance for your candor.

What Are The Restrictions With Your Signature Sessions?

I am a Body Rub provider: a hands only kind of girl: no oral and no fs. Touching is welcomed with respect!

Do You Provide GFE?

Thanks for asking, I believe in providing complete transparency about my services. I do not offer GFE, Oral, Or FS. I am a body rub and fetish provider, not an escort.

Can I Shower There?

You most certainly can! I provide shower facilities before and after your session, at your discretion. Body/Face Wash, Shampoo/Conditioner, and Body Moisturizer are all provided for your hygienic needs; non-scented of course!

Do You Use Oils?

I use a non scented organic coconut oil with many nourishing benefits, comes off easily, and you may shower afterwards.

What Kind Of Fetishes Do You Specialize In?

After years of experience, I would say that I specialize in and resonate mostly with: Dirty Talk, Role Play, Pegging, Strap-On Play, Golden Showers, Foot Fetish, Humiliation, Whipping, Spitting, Slapping, Spanking, Slut Training, Tease & Denial, and Worship; just to name a few. When booking a Fetish Appointment: please send me an outline of your desired fetish, along with your likes/dis-likes, so that we can devise a Session based on your unique needs.

I Noticed You Advertise Sessions With A Lady Slave, What Does That Entail?

So Happy You Asked!

As a mistress who prides herself as being a chameleon in the fetish community, I wanted to encompass a session to extinguish the carnal needs of all fetishists.  By adding my lady slave, the encounters possess an erotically diverse experience, allowing for the best of both worlds. 

This session satisfies the needs of subs, slaves, and switches.  And a unique experience that we are over the moon to share; let your freak flag fly! 

I Am Interested In A Cross Dressing Session, What Do You Provide?

First of all let me say, these are a fave! I have many outfit selections to choose from; as well as sexy lingerie. I also provide all of the makeup; I suggest a 90 minute appointment with makeup application, as it can take 30 minutes to perfect the finishing touches. Please bring your own stuff too so that we can collaborate! Items you may want to consider bringing if your going for the “full-look!” Heels, wig, stalkings, panties, and perhaps some jewelry to complete your transformation; these items are not provided for hygienic reasons.

Do You Like What You do?

I truly do! Please check out my Homepage to learn more about me and my journey into the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Preferred Clientele?

I prefer a mature demographic and I am admittedly not for everyone, thus; I try and choose wisely as to whom I will see to avoid disappointment. Some have mistaken my professionalism for coldness, gentlemen I can assure you, this is not the case! I was raised, from an early age, to be accountable for a strong work ethic; providing a reliable and professional service is of the up most importance to me, please don’t take it as anything but! Those who know me, know better. *On a side note* if you are a little younger I would love to give you the opportunity of coming to see me, I will simply need a reference of a reputable provider in order to do so.

Pet Peeves?

Firstly, last minute cancellations, they are just absolutely rude.

Secondly, when I am performing my body rubs and dealing with a personality who finds it hard to relax and tries to rush the appointment by trying to direct it; thus creating, an un relaxed atmosphere. My signature session is all about providing you gentlemen with the much needed TLC and R&R that you deserve in the midst of your busy lives, trying to run the show has the opposite effect of what I intend to provide and just not the type of client that is a good match for such a laid back session.

And last, but not least; emailing me with the questions that are answered here, it took a lot of time to put this together fellas, please give her a good read.

Do I Get The Pleasure Of Seeing You In The Nude During A Signature Session?

I have a quirky little way of answering this one, I like to think of it as enjoying a dancer at the club, slowly peeling as the songs play to unveil my lingerie which could simply consist of a garter belt and hosiery, or perhaps a thong. * On a side note* you will be nude for the duration of the session to ensure a “full body” experience.

Where Are You Located?

I am located in the lower Mission of Kelowna B.C. close to Gyro Beach. Please note: I do not disclose an exact location until an appointment is booked, the discretion for myself and my clients is of the upmost importance! My in-call location is clean, private, and discreet.


There is tons of visitor parking inside the complex, steps from the building, no visitor pass required.

Etiquette Upon Arrival?

Please be courteous and respectful, on time and on silent mode, or no longer than 5 minutes early; thank you in advance for your discernment!

Can I Bring An Aperitif?

You most certainly may, I do enjoy a nice white wine or bubbly! I recommend booking a 90 minute appointment for indulgent purposes; Cheers!

What If I Need To Cancel?

I totally understand that shit happens! But I ask for: 24 Hour Notice, Thank You! 

What If I Am Late?

To ensure the discretion of all my clients, I ask that you are on time, or no longer than 5 minutes late. A schedule is imperative to ensure the anonymity of everyone; thank you in advance for understanding, it’s appreciated!

Are Those 100% Your Photos?

Yes they are! They were taken in September of 2017 by a photographer in Vancouver B.C. For my current and up to date Stats, please check out my Features Page. For new pics and videos, please follow me on Twitter!


Do You Have Experience With Newbies?

I most certainly do! I was once a newbie too, so I can empathize with the nerves you may feel about your up coming appointment. I pride myself on providing a: safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

Do You Posess The Necessary Equipment For Fetishes?

I possess all necessary implements to quench your desired fetishes and you are more than welcome to bring your own to play with as well!

Do You Use A Massage Table?

I sure do when I am in Kelowna, I use a professional table to ensure a quality massage. However, when I am on the road, I don’t usually bring her along.

What Would A Fetish Session Look Like?

There is no answer to this one! During my years as a Fetishist, if there is one thing I’ve learnt: there is no cookie cutter session that I can describe! Each and every one of my fetish Sessions is unique to one another and treated as such! Please specify your desired fetish’s as well as likes and dis/ likes so that we can custom design a session that satisfies your unique urges.

What Can I look Forward To With My Signature Session?

Thank you for asking this, I believe in complete transparency to avoid any disappointment! The Sessions begins with being greeted at the door, by me, in heels; accompanied by either elaborate lingerie or a sexy dress, with cool music playing in the background. If you are a conversationalist, we can chat prio and allow the pleasure of getting to know one another, if not; let’s get started! I have a private massage studio where your session will be performed, a shower is also available prior to commencement. Typically we begin, unless asked otherwise, facing up with a Devine: face, scalp, and shoulder massage, moving my way down your body, allowing me to see where your sensitivities lie;). Afterwards, you will turn over where I soften the built up tensions in your: head, neck, and shoulders; using a combination of Swedish & Trigger Point Massage. After melting your stresses away, I slowly make my way down your body with the same techniques. Once the massage portion is finished, I use my Signature Touch: my delicate finger tips placed in your sensitive areas using strategic motions to build anticipation & excitement. A body slide ensues, to enhance the tease, then you will turn over for the final twist. As a lady I won’t go into too much more detail, I’ll let your imaginations have some fun with it.

Can I Combine A Signature Session And A Fetish Session?

You most certainly can! This is a welcomed common request. * Please note * The Donation for such a request is priced at the Fetish Rate. 

Are You Affilated With An Agency And Do You Share An In-Call?

I am an independent provider, all contact is done by yours truly, and my in call location is my own private studio; where it’s just you and I!

I Am Interested In A Prostate Massage, How Is It Performed?

Great question! My prostate massages are performed with care and lots of lube, to ensure an enjoyable experience, with no pain! My perferred gadget of choice, also has a vibrating option for your enhanced pleasure, and proven to be quite a hit!

What Is An Edging Session?

Edging sessions are different from my Signature Sessions!  Typically my edging sessions start with a 15 minute massage to relax your body before going into the “Tease & Denial” portion. This session focuses on your breathing and learning how to prolong the finish to the very end. In order to achieve this, I use different “teasing touch techniques” throughout the session, to elongate the finale. * Just a little side note * Edging is a great way to enhance your love life!

What Is A Lingam Style Finish?

Well, you guys are in for a real treat! Lingam is a type of ancient tantric massage that promotes sexual well being. To paint the full picture of the teasing methods associated with this type of finish, please refer to image below.

And Last, But Not Least! Are You Affilated With Law Enforcement?

I am not Affilated with any Law Enforcement Agency; please see below:

I hope this answers any questions you may have had, please check out my booking page to set up your preferred appointment, I look forward to meeting you!