As I continue on my fetish journey, I have realized a key component that has been missing to encompass the needs of all of my fetishists: a submissive female.  

That being said, I have found the perfect woman to collaborate with and whom I have claimed as my salacious Slave.  

We have had the pleasure of playing together in this kind of setting, and have blended; my Dominant nature with her Submissive side, to provide a licentious experience for the BDSM culture of Kelowna. 

This session is ideal for male and female, submissive’s and switches, who are looking to obey a mistress while servicing her submissive; providing the best of both worlds, and introducing the epitome of an erotic rendezvous to all fetish lovers. 

My Mephistophelian mind, coupled by Veronica’s need to please her mistress, is sure to conjure an epic experience that will leave you salivating for more and the perfect escape from the everyday monotony. 

We look forward to sharing this unique encounter with all of the subs and slaves who are looking to heighten their fetish fantasies to the next level; let your freak flag fly!

60 minutes ~ 350