My Signature Session With A Twist:


The recurring theme of all of my fantasies is seducing out of town business men into an affair that we wont soon forget.  


I was raised to be reserved, with the focus being on: education, career, and a long term monogamous relationship.  After exploring my new found freedom, I have embarked on a journey to un leash the power of my sexuality and live out my day dreams; so this fantasy is truly as much a pleasure for me, as it will be for you.

Our affair commences upon meeting at an up scale location, I’ll be wearing my risqué business attire accompanied by elaborate lingerie underneath.  Role play is crucial to execute this type of rendez vous.  From the moment we meet, we must act as though this was not planned; we must act out the affair as if it was the intention of destiny that brought us together.

I will be the one pursuing you, not the “traditional” other way around.  From the moment I approach you I am your seductress, hypnotizing you with my: feminine grace, intoxicating mystery, and sexual subtleties.  While we share a delectable drink together, my majestic aura will seduce you back to your hotel room to release the inhibitons that have been building up since our affair began. Nothing else in this moment matters, but you and I, in our secret affair, that we can fantasize about for years to come.

120 minutes- 420 (includes out call fee) 

*Fetishes are welcomed during our affair, please note this session is hands only.